About EverPel

EverPel surface treatment prevents corrosion, repels water & oils, and is ecologically friendly

Corrosion results from chemical reactions that occur naturally, converting a refined metal to a more chemically-stable form, such as its oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials (usually metals) by chemical and/or electrochemical reaction with their environment.

EverPel forms a water- and oil-repellent passive barrier against atmospheric corrosion and further aqueous and gaseous chemical attack on the treated surface. It is suitable for in-place application with greatly lessened surface preparation requirements when compared to other coatings, such as epoxies.  EverPel is ideal for retrofit and repair of existing installations and equipment and can be applied on top of existing coatings to impart further chemical and corrosion resistance.

EverPel creates a highly wear resistant and abrasion resistant surface that is perfect for use in extreme environments. It is a water-based nanocomposite, meaning the treatment contains no VOCs and is non-toxic after curing.  It has an extremely long pot life after the two-component polymer is mixed – up to 72 hours – yet cures at ambient temperatures in under two hours.  It is effective at far lower thicknesses than epoxies or paints with similar functional performance characteristics. In addition to being hydrophobic and oleophobic, EverPel is non-insular meaning heat can transfer through the treatment. EverPel’s exceptional pot life and ability to cure at ambient temperatures allows for easy application on a wide variety of surfaces.

Key Attributes

  • Hydrophobic, oleophobic, and imparts corrosion & erosion protection
  • Wide operating temperature (up to 400°F) and pressure range (up to 8500 psi), allows for highly varied and customized usage.
  • Strong adherence & abrasion-resistant, non-insular
  • Cures in under 2 hours at ambient temperatures, 72-hour pot life after mixing
  • Variable thickness, effective at just 2mil

Key Benefits

  • Protection of metals from corrosion without the need for costly special alloys, long down-times for epoxy application, and poor adhesion of paints
  • Chemically-resistant dual effect of arresting existing corrosion, as well as acting as a passivating barrier to further chemical attack.
  • Capable of application to both new and in-place installations, minimizing downtime and interruptions.
  • Customizable for various application methods and requirements (paint, spray, dip, pipeline pigging, etc.)
  • Non-toxic, low surface energy/friction releases bio-growth and prevent deposition

Why EverPel

EverPel has been rigorously tested with a wide variety of industry partners in a diverse set verticals including aerospace, marine, energy, oil & gas, and many more.

EverPel consistently demonstrates high performance in varying deployment conditions. It can be adapted to specific industries, substrates, methods of application, and more.