Composite Polymer

EverPel is a nanocomposite surface treatment consisting of a corrosion resistant surface base layer and a low-friction, omniphobic top layer.

Corrosion Prevention

Chemically-resistant dual effect of arresting existing corrosion, as well as acting as a passivating barrier to further chemical attack.


EverPel's omniphobic properties provide superior tribological properties, including wear resistance, water and oil repellency

Ecologically Friendly

EverPel is a water-based polymer; it is non-VOC, non-biocidal, and non-toxic after curing.

How EverPel Works

EverPel is a family of nanocomposite surface treatments. EverPel consists of a corrosion resistant surface base layer and a low-friction, omniphobic top layer. The omniphobic properties provide wear resistance, water & oil repellency, and the treatment can be applied on top of previously-damaged or worn metal substrates.

EverPel Applications

EverPel is suitable for a wide range of applications


EverPel is ideal for application within railroad tank cars. Replacing high-VOC epoxy linings, EverPel can create an ultra-slick, oil-repellant surface on the interior of the tank, allowing for easy upload, prevention from depositions/fouling, and simplified maintenance/cleaning operations.


EverPel for storage tanks protects the surface substrate in highly corrosive environments. The non-toxic and water-based formulation is far less hazardous to apply than typical epoxies, yet protects against adhesion and deposition of elements within chemical or oil/gas-containing tanks.


EverPel combats galvanic corrosion on flight surfaces for the aerospace industry. Corrosion is a huge issue for commercial and government aircraft operating in high humidity and salt conditions - EverPel vastly outperforms traditional coatings in preventing corrosion on aluminum and steel substrates.

EverPel surface treatment can solve problems across many industries.

EverPel variants are specially formulated to impart extreme corrosion and chemical resistance to a wide range of substrates, without the need for costly surface preparation. EverPel forms a complete barrier against corrosion and the formation/deposition of scales, hydrates, and iron sulfides.

Product Sheet

EverPel Performance

EverPel’s exceptionally long pot life and ability to adhere strongly to even imperfectly cleaned metals allows for effective performance under many diverse conditions. The extreme corrosion and chemical resistance of EverPel is effective at high pressures (8500 psi) and high temperatures (400 degrees F) on a wide variety of steel and metal surfaces.
The coating is effective at thicknesses of just 2mil and cures in under two hours. EverPel has shown resistance to corrosion in tests of 1000+ hours in saltwater fog chamber (ASTM B117) conditions.

Water & Oil Testing

EverPel Characteristics

EverPel is polymeric coating designed to impart chemical resistance and water & oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic) to a wide variety of surfaces.

  • Non-VOC, non-biocidal, non-toxic
  • Water-based (approximately 75%)
  • Non-insular, transfer heat
  • Effective at thicknesses of 2mil
  • Hydrophobic & oleophobic
  • Creates an ultra-slick surface
  • Strong adhesion, abrasion resistant
  • Functional under extreme pressures/temperatures
  • Pot life of 72 hours+ after mixing
  • Single, two-part polymer – not a multi-formula system
  • Air-cures in under two hours
  • Controllable color

Coating demonstrations

Oceanit's nanocomposite surface treatments impart valuable attributes such as hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, ice & deposition repellency, corrosion & erosion prevention, and bio-growth release.

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