EverPel Applications

EverPel is suitable for in-place application, with greatly lessened surface preparation requirements, to retrofit and repair existing installations and equipment.


EverPel is ideal for application to railroad infrastructure, tank cars, and more. Replacing high-VOC epoxy coatings and linings, EverPel can create an ultra-slick, oil-repellent surface on the interior of tank cars, allowing for easy upload, prevention from depositions/fouling, and simplified maintenance/cleaning operations.


EverPel for storage tanks protects the surface substrate in highly corrosive environments. The non-toxic and water-based formulation is far less hazardous to apply than typical epoxies, yet protects against adhesion and deposition of elements within chemical or oil/gas-containing tanks.


EverPel combats atmospheric and galvanic corrosion on both internal and external aircraft surfaces in the aerospace industry. Corrosion is a huge issue for aircraft operating in high humidity and salt conditions - EverPel vastly outperforms traditional coatings in preventing corrosion on aluminum and steel substrates.

EverPel's long-lasting protection can reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment lifetime.

EverPel variants are specially formulated to impart extreme corrosion and chemical resistance to a wide range of substrates, without the need for extreme and costly surface preparation. EverPel forms a repellent, slick barrier against corrosion and the deposition of other debris like scales, hydrates, and iron sulfides.

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