In-situ Coating for Internal Pipeline Rehabilitation

Insitu Coating for Internal
Pipeline Rehabilitation

EverPel can be effectively applied in-situ in variable surface conditions, enabling refurbishment without the need for costly replacement and excavations.

EverPel: Efficient adhesion to non-chemically cleaned pipe surfaces

Everpel provides superior tribological properties such as wear and erosion resistance, reduced adhesion force for both water and oil-based aggregates. Low surface energy prevents deposition and adhesion of scale, corrosion products, and hydrates. EverPel’s treatment has shown a drastic difference in adhesion and smoothness compared with non-treated pipes, resulting in extended working (pot) life.

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EverPel: Drag reduction

EverPel lowers frictional drag resistance on liquid flow allowing a smooth continuous current due to its omniphobic properties. The treatment can be applied via dip, paint, spray, and by flushing in-situ to metal, ceramic and polymer substrates.

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EverPel: Corrosion Inhibitor

EverPel has long-lasting corrosion resistance even in harsh environments such as sour gas service, HP/HT wellbore, and high water cut deep sea pipelines. Improve your pipeline performance by reducing energy costs and combating corrosion before it happens.

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